Stop Buying Pens

Don’t get us wrong, pens can be great if they are important to your brand. However, if they aren’t, we recommend forgetting them completely. No one pays attention to the branding on pens and even if they do, the pen will soon be forgotten in a cup on someone’s desk or lost in a junk drawer.

You may be thinking, “okay so what’s a better idea for my next expo?” Don’t worry we have options that don’t include buying one item in bulk.

✅ Create a print-on-demand store where people can choose whatever they want before the conference
✅ Create a GIFT CARD to your online shop offering people a free t-shirt, mug, hat, etc.
✅ Create merch for the people in your booth to wear that is eye-catching and on-brand to draw people in to your brand

Long story short: don’t buy a bunch of the same item (especially pens!) for your next conference. It’s not sustainable, it’s not personal and it doesn’t truly reflect who you are as a brand. At the end of the conference, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of pens and nowhere to put them.

What’s a memorable piece of merch you got from the last expo you went to?

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