You might be making these merch mistakes…

If you’re printing branded merchandise or swag for your business and getting a lukewarm response, here are some reasons that might be happening:

You’re printing throwaways aka junk merch 🗑

“Junk merch” includes pens, notebooks, stress balls, drawstring bags, lunch bags, grocery bags, etc. These are things people likely have too much of already and don’t hold much value in having more.

You’re putting your logo front and center 😅

Most people don’t want to wear a logo (unless you’re Nike or Peloton), and besides that, the thing people connect to about your brand is so much more than the logo. What’s your slogan? What’s a running joke between you and your community? Think deeper than just your brand name or logo.

You’re not giving people choice 🙅🏻‍♀️

Don’t assume that everyone wants a t-shirt, a mug, or a towel. If you let people choose what they want, they’ll feel much more connected to your merch which leads to them feeling more connect to your brand.

Which of these reasons resonates the most with you? We can help!

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