One Size Fits All is a Myth

One size fits all is a lie. I mean this both for apparel AND for giving-everyone-the-same-gift.

For apparel, you and I both know those socks don’t fit all 🧦 👀 .

But more importantly, when you give everyone in your company the same thing, you must reduce-reduce-reduce until you’re buying generic garbage.

When you’re buying ONE ITEM for everyone, you:
👎 Can’t do apparel because you can’t guess sizes
👎 Can’t do food because of allergies and preferences
👎 Can’t do booze because of people who don’t drink
👎 Don’t want to pick something techie (like a charger) because not everyone has the same devices

So you’re going to end up with a tote bag (🥱) or a mug (🚮).

What’s the solution then, if you have a per-person budget? It’s simple, folks: give choice. When you have a website with your swag, apparel people can choose apparel (in the size, shape, and color they want it), mug people can choose mugs, tech people can choose the right item for their devices. It is stupidly simple.

Tell me one item a company has bought en masse that everyone likes and I’ll eat my shoes. Can you think of one?

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