your partner for sustainable, stand-out branded merchandise

From setting up your inventory-free online store to designing branded products, Go To Market has you covered.

Custom design

All we need is your logo. Our skills and imagination will bring your brand to life.

Print on demand

Your items are ready to produce only when you need them. (It’s eco- and budget-friendly.)

Online Store Setup

Your shop connects seamlessly with your website to get you up and running stat.

Flip the script on swag

Print-on-demand means that everything is printed as it is ordered:

  • No holding inventory or running to the post office with boxes
  • No buying products in bulk in a variety of sizes and hoping they will sell
  • No guessing what people will like, because you can easily switch out designs and products as you see what they buy
  • It is eco-friendly -- no product gets thrown away because a size or color wasn’t popular

Having merchandise has really shifted my business from a brand to a movement. This store really took my brand to the next level — I love seeing my clients and customers tagging me in their photos, sharing what it means to be vibrant & how they are liking their products.

Carly Jean Wright, Founder of Vibrant Mama

Your swag could be wearable marketing

You are so much more than a keychain or thumb drive!

Here’s how Go To Market can go to work for you — no matter what you’re up to:

Social media tie-ins

Your merch out in the real world means more content opportunities and more curious eyes connecting with your brand values.

Client gifts

We’ll help you think bigger than a mousepad — create something that won’t end up on the break room freebie table.

Conference memories

Sell pre-event merch or become the must-stop expo booth — without the bulk waste. Your gear will create brand reps everywhere, from the exhibit hall to the breakout Zoom room.

Employee swag

Make merch that survives beyond the retreat: Swap plain-jane logo tees for true-to-brand merch that’ll enter your team’s heavy rotation.
Let's Talk Merch
Go To Market: Custom-Designed Mug

The path to your smartest move yet starts here.

Step 1: Make a date

We’ll do our homework and show up with ideas — then brainstorm to hatch a brilliant plan together.

Step 2: Make it real

We’ll design and get your merch ready for its close-up.

Step 3: Make a splash

Get ready to see your brand everywhere — congrats, you’re officially hot stuff.
Let's Talk Merch

Some of our Favorite Projects

Swag squad, assemble.

This isn’t some faceless offshore operation —
we’re a team of style-forward, client-obsessed pros.
We manage every relationship personally.

Meet the Team

Go To Market: Amanda Hofman

Hi! I’m Amanda, Co-Founder of Go To Market, where we create custom merchandise stores for companies, influencers, and podcasters.

I have always loved playful fashion and branded merchandise – my gold glitter s’well bottle with our company logo on it is always on me — and I thrive on helping companies expand their brand recognition.

Before Go To Market, I was the Founder and CEO of Urban Girl Squad, the premier social networking group for women in their 20s and 30s in NYC. I designed 150 events per year that strengthened the connection between brands — chic NYC stores, restaurants, event centers and more — and their customers. I sold Urban Girl Squad in 2014 and took several years off to be home with my two kids before starting Go To Market in 2020.

3 fun facts about me:

  • I ran my first marathon in 2019 and can’t wait to run NYC again
  • I love Inbox Zero and preach about it to anyone who will listen
  • I will put anyone’s hair into a French braid — just ask

Listen to Amanda talk about how to use Merch in your brand:

Go To Market, LLC

Hi! I'm Jessie, Co-Founder of Go To Market.

I've enjoyed the last 20 years helping companies establish their visual brands and designing everything to support that brand from temporary tattoos to engraved glassware. I don't hesitate to roll up my sleves for projects that require some elbow grease. Once I hand-carved text into planks of wood to get the most authentic look possible — and loved every minute of it.

With all the different formats out there — web, mobile, social, print — I know how crucial it is for designs to look great no matter how they're used. I love seeing a company's personality shine everywhere.

When I'm not at my desk, you'll find me chasing after my two kids and our rescue dog, Kirby.

3 fun facts about me:

  • I write music in my spare time
  • I have a collection of fountain pens, both vintage and modern
  • I love a good crime novel!

Go To Market, LLC

Hi! I'm Savannah.

I'm a freelance social media manager and content creator from Jacksonville, FL. I've dabbled in crafting content and social media tactics for brands spanning the bling of the jewelry industry, the caring touch of the medical sector, and even the unique needs of the nursing bra market. I thrive on embracing a whole spectrum of creative challenges – the more diverse, the better!

Aside from work, you'll likely catch me traveling, capturing photos and listening to music. I've got an appetite for all things artistic: fashion, film, music, and photography!

3 fun facts about me:

  • I collect vinyl records - I have over 800
  • I love film photography, my favorite things to shoot are concerts and my friends
  • I will always have either an iced coffee or Coke Zero in hand - with my Go to Market water bottle on stand by!

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